The MSC in Neurobiology is based on 3 main curricular activities for a total of 120 CFU over two academic years (1 CFU is 25-30 hours student workload, including from individual reading to final examination):


Courses (78 CFU): 8 mandatory and 5 at your choice (all courses account for 6 CFU)
Internship and thesis (39 CFU) (link to Student Life/Thesis)
Other activities (3 CFU): 5 international seminars/year (link to Seminars)


Courses are distributed over two academic years and 4 semesters: the first semester starts beginning of October and ends mid January; the second semester starts beginning of March and ends mid June.

  • Mechanisms of signal transduction (I st semester; Language: Ita)
  • Comparative neuroanatomy (II nd semester; Language: ITA)
  • Developmental neurobiology (I st semester; language: ITA)
  • Molecular Neurobiology (I st semester; Language: ITA)
  • Cellular Neurophysiology (I st semester; Language: ITA)
  • Neurophysiology of sensory organs (II nd semester; Language: ITA)
  • Psychobiology (II nd semester; Language: ENG)
  • Psychopharmacology (II nd semester; Language: ENG)
  • Animal and comparative psychology (II nd semester; Language: ITA)
  • System neuroscience (I st semester; Language: ITA)
  • Molecular biology of mental processes (II nd Semester; language: ITA)
  • New frontiers in genetics and in neuroscience (I st semester; Language: ENG)
  • Methods of behavioral neuroscience (I st semester; Language: ITA)
  • Neuropharmacology of motivational processes (II nd semester; Language: ENG)
  • Stem cells in the study of the nervous system (I st semester; Language: ITA)
  • Biochemical methods applied to neurobiology (II nd semester; Language: ITA)
  • Proteomics (Language: ENG)
  • Molecular Neurobiology 1 (II nd semester; Langauge: ITA)
  • Neurobiology of memory (II nd semester; Language: ENG)
  • Computational neuroscience (I st semester; Language: ITA)

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